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Greetings and salutations, I am Drake, a seasoned Game Master with 15 years of experience.

My journey began during my teenage years in early high school when I first delved into the world of tabletop role-playing games with 3.5 D&D. However, it was my profound fascination with the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade, along with my love for pop culture, that truly captivated me. The release of core rulebooks such as Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and other exciting additions during the 3.5 SRD boom further fueled my passion.

Over the course of three years, I conducted public game sessions in comic book stores, accommodating tables ranging from four to eighteen players and even managing multiple parties simultaneously. Additionally, I've organized and ran private games for the likes of New York Times Best Selling authors, editors, and independant writing staff and beyond. These sessions aimed to emphasize the importance of storytelling and showcased how role-playing games can effectively serve as a tool for writers and creative fiction authors.

For the past decade, I have dedicated myself to the meticulous process of world-building and developing my own game settings.

  • The first is a meticulously crafted high fantasy or even beyond setting, situated within a nine-planet system, and meticulously designed to align with my overarching narrative.
  • The second setting is a parallel Earth within the World of Darkness, titled Smithson Valley. Both worlds are intricately detailed and immerse players in engaging storylines, dynamic NPCs, and investigative elements that breathe life into the game.

Allow me to provide some professional background.

I am an award-winning local stage actor from Central Florida, having been recognized as the best character actor for my portrayal of Judd in Oklahoma, as well as the best supporting character actor for my roles as Senator Fipp in Urinetown and Willie Conklin in Ragtime.

While I have not received major regional or national accolades, I have been involved in countless high school and college theater, and I have worked for a period of time at Walt Disney World.

While it's not winning American Idol, getting an award at a small playhouse is kinda cool as a small actor. Humbling after a few years to think about it, and it translates nicely into knowing how to captivate and tell a story.

I have also collaborated with independent film companies, contributing my talents as an actor and occupying various production roles such as producer, production manager, and makeup artist. Through these experiences, I have come to understand the distinction between entertainment and production value, acknowledging the managerial aspects associated with game management and other related endeavors.

Professionally, I serve as a project manager and technology solution specialist, where I take pleasure in finding creative solutions and efficiently managing teams to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Therefore, it is only natural that being a game master aligns with my interests and aptitudes.

Furthermore, I possess a deep love and appreciation for graphic design, cartography, and map-making. Engaging in these activities allows me to indulge my perfectionist tendencies and create visually stunning maps and visionary examples. While I acknowledge that these endeavors can be time-consuming and may encroach on the responsibilities of a dungeon master, I find great enjoyment and immense satisfaction in the creative process. Sharing the fruits of my private development over the past decade with others is a treasured and joyous experience for me.

I am transitioning from running games exclusively for my private circle of friends and parties to opening myself up to a wider audience.

I hope that you will discover my work and world satisfying and that our shared appreciation for humor, pop culture, and the whimsical elements of the past, combined with our vision for making role-playing games enjoyable and generative, will align.

I eagerly anticipate your support and participation in my game sessions.

Please stay tuned as we update our seasons annually with new and exciting additions, as well as occasional pop-ups coinciding with the release of major movies, holidays, and other delightful inspirations.

Thank you very much, and I hope you become part of the Game Master on Demand community.

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Award Winning WorldAnvil SummerCamp 2023 Entry

Award Winning WorldAnvil SummerCamp 2023 Entry

I got an itch over the summer and joined in with the community and team over at WorldAnvil to paticipate in their annual SummerCamp Challenge. 

Was really humbling to win!
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Riding the AI Wave like a GM!

Riding the AI Wave like a GM!

It's no secret that right now using AI is a risky gambit that either you do or don't. I do, but I'm not just smashing my head on keyboard with GPT telling it to make the adventure happen. 

I loved the idea of making an NPC interactive via LLMs, so I did! 

I was delighted this last month that my creation was selected by coutnless others to be features on InWorlds.ai latest Arcade update to be on display to the public. 

See! I did a thing!

Talk to my thing (not like that, don't be weird) 

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