How does it work? 

First off pretty simple, either head over to my Playgames profile to find individual seats at my table for campaigns with strangers. Or contact me directly  through this site to discuss a campaign with you and your party. 

Campaigns can come from my current location, The Kray Providecen of Konran centeraing around Crafton Cove. One of my current game settings in development. Or you can contact me for a custom creation. 



I don't slouch when it comes to maps. 
Cartography is a fun hobby in and out of game for me. But thanks to AI I can get some help. Super vital maps I make from scratch from the ground up. Others if I need inspiration will start as something birthed with AI and as the game is played like in a video game the map will become more detailed, locations and buildings taking form and becoming highlighted and then linked accordingly in the campaigns World Anvil. 

Here are some examples of my maps. 

I proudly use and support Inkarnate, as well as other artist for their assets as well as my own. 

Digital Supplies

The games themselves will be played via Roll20 using their VTT System. 

Party Managment

Combination of World Anvil and Discord

Immersion Tactics

Immersion Tactics is my way of saying showmanship. When I'm telling a story, I tell it and use all the tools available to me to do so including modern technology.


I grew up a theater kid, so making funny voices. Important NPC's and characters will have voices and personalities.

Digital Aids & Handouts

Living in a digital age, I do love my gadgets and use them frequently to enhance gameplay. So sometimes cool things will be created to help players be more immersed. Like interactive chatbots programmed with worldlore and history, clickable maps and world wiki, in character Discord Channels and more. 


Virtual Minis, Tokens and VTT stuffs. 

I have a collection of produced one for villains, as well as using MidJourney for other needs. I welcome players to send me any assets they want to use in the games for their characters. 

I always try to provide an immersive experiance and while my game mastering type leans heavy to story and lore, I do love a well thought out combat session!

Do you utilize AI?

As a solopreneur and creative, I utilize AI. I realize it is a controversial topic, but I believe in being transparent about its use. I encourage you to stay in touch with my blogs and other content updates for more on this topic.

I believe that AI is a fascinating tool, like indoor plumbing compared to carrying water by bucket. While image and art generation can be tricky, word and language assistance can be very helpful for creating games.

I do NOT rely on AI solely, but it is a great tool for someone like me who data dumps a lot. I have a huge consciousness and idea train, and AI can help me turn my ideas into workable products. That said I never use public LLM models like Chat GPT/Gemini in collaboration for any text in my games or works. 

I mainly utalize Google Notebook, which allows me to collaborate with all my world bibles/side documents and corerulebooks of the games setting. For continuity and finding sources from within my own work for continuity as my brain is more a slowly expaning ooze than a steel trap..... 

However, AI is not a replacement for human creativity. I still come up with the characters, worlds, stories and all the major details. AI can help me flesh out my ideas, but it cannot create them for me. Shared storytelling and collaborative role-playing will always be essential to the creative process.


Except when it come to pedantic crap, like this website. I have a weebly site for another buisness and have worked on ever site platform in the last 10 years, Durable rocks and is a great example of a useful AI tool. 


Do you use AI bots for art?

Yes, when it comes to character portraits, detailed settings, or specific pieces of scatter art, I will often turn to Midjourney. I use my paid subscription account to generate images based on detailed prompts that I create.

I avoid referencing styles or names of artists, and I do not use any of the "prompt hacks" that are designed to make the generated images look like the work of a specific artist. This approach keeps my production costs down, and quick turn around as it's just me bouncing ideas.

I only do this during playtesting and pre release design examples. Of late I've heard both sides of the argument of artist vs art generators. Yes I've used MidJourney to help my own world setting find visuals. But I never intend to ever have those images in a printed product. I'd want an artis and hopefully by that time can afford one if not multiples to bring my world to life.  I use those visuals as the shiny keys to get people to read my work. I'm first and foremost a writer and worldbuilder. Sad truth that people won't read something without minimally interesting art on the cover. 

With some projects I just let my subsciprtions  do the lifting and use license clipart and placeholder images that I'll come back to with an artist. I don't want my original ideas and creativity to get confused with something an LLM can make. COULD it happen, sure, but I'd like to think my weird human ideas and years of psychic damage give me an edge. 

I also purchase asset packs from artists that I admire, and I collaborate with them on larger custom pieces. I believe that it is important to support local artists and people whose work you enjoy, so I always encourage others to follow the artists that I use. If you have any specific needs, I would be happy to recommend some artists who specialize in that area.




As I am not a machine, my scheduling capabilities are limited. Like any performance hall or theater, my season, box office, shows, and ticket sales are limited. This means that once my capacity for games and parties is reached, a waitlist will begin. Games and party configurations on those waitlists will then be filled on an as-needed basis, to accommodate cancellations, openings, or new games. Roles and characters for pre-made, seasonal shows are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. The cast is decided during a brief meeting before the show, in which the first person to sign up declares their preferred role. If there are any conflicting ideas about the cast list, we will have a group discussion to resolve them. While first-come, first-served is the general rule, we always want to make sure that the system is fair and balanced, so that everyone has a fun time.

Google Calendar is my platform of choice for availability and more. 


Safe Space & Modern Ideals in a fantasy setting


My games strive to be highly inclusive, embracing diverse perspectives and ideologies found within society. This inclusivity extends not only to the real world as we know it but also encompasses fictional realms and sociological understandings derived from character research. It aims to explore the plausible outcomes of different circumstances within these worlds. However, it is important to note that this does not entail the inclusion of crude or offensive content. I aim to ensure that my games do not make anyone uncomfortable or provoke negative reactions.
Nevertheless, as an individual with opinions, my personal tone, sense of humor, and understanding of life's intricacies may be evident in my work.

Part of the gaming experience involves fostering a positive connection with the game master. I, as a game master, proudly identify as a left-leaning individual who holds strong opinions on matters such as love being love, the equal worth of all people, and the importance of a safe and inclusive environment for living and gaming. If you do not share these beliefs, or if my open expression of being a gay man bothers you, or if the inclusion of LGBTQ+ themes in games of this nature is problematic for you, then it is best not to participate in my games. I am not interested in engaging in gaming sessions with individuals who hold opposing views. It's a straightforward matter of compatibility.


Player code of conduct


All players before playing their first session will agree to a player's code of conduct. It's not a written law or a contract signed in blood or a man with an infernal warlock or anything. The general agreement is that we, as people and players, are here to have fun and collaboratively play a game together. We will respect each other and do so in a fun and endearing manner. If you have a problem with this, then you are not obligated to agree to it or participate in the game.




You have signed up for the game, but you are currently on the waiting list. Unfortunately, my scheduling is limited and I can only play with a certain number of people each season. However, I welcome you to join my Discord community, where you can still communicate with other players and discuss the game. I will also be releasing supplemental materials and previews of my world, and at the end of each season, I will offer discounted packs to all of my subscribers and waitlisted players. I appreciate your patience and hope you will sign up for the newsletter to ensure that you are notified when a spot opens up.